Places to visit Neil island For First Timer.

Neil Island: Neil Island is yet another pristine and beautiful Andaman and Nicobar island. In this blog, we are going to tell you places to visit on Neil Island, along with frequently asked questions.

Natural bridge Neil Island

These questions may come to your mind before going to Neil Island.

How long should I stay at Neil Island? 
You should stay at least 2 nights on Neil Island.

What is the famous tourist attraction on Neil Island? 
You will get the answer to this in the blog below.

Are there any dangerous sea animals living on Neil Island? 
While visiting the Natural Bridge, you should avoid sea urchins. The sting of sea urchins is very painful.

Which water activities should we do on Neil Island? 
You must do scuba diving on Neil Island because the water is very clear so you can see the marine life very well.

Most tourists either ignore Neil Island or come here only for 1 or 2 nights on their Andaman trip. But according to me, you should stay on Neil Island for at least 3–4 nights. I will tell you later in this blog why you should stay more than 2 nights on Neil Island. Neil Island is famous for its beautiful blue-water beach, crystal clear scuba diving and snorkeling experiences, amazing sunrise and sunset, live marine watching, and beautiful natural bridge.

There are mainly 4 tourist spots on Neil island.

1-Bharatpur Beach

2-Lakmanpur Beach no 1 (sunset beach)

3-Lakmanpur Beach no 2 (Natural Bridge)

4-Sitapur beach

1-Bharatpur beach, Neil Island Bharatpur beach is next to Neil Island jetty. Bharatpur beach is famous for its crystal clear blue water and water activities. All the water activities of Neil Island are done on Bharatpur beach. You must do snorkeling and scuba diving on Bharatpur beach because the water there is as clear as a swimming pool. If you know how to swim and if you want to swim alone between corals, you can do it at Bharatpur beach.

You should take a snorkeling course for this, and if you want to do a private snorkelling trip, please contact us. 

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Sitapur beach Neil Island-Sitapur beach is about 5 kilometers east of the jetty, Sitapur beach is famous for its sunrise. Most tourists go to see the sunrise on Sitapur beach in the morning, but you can also enjoy the water at Sitapur beach. Sitapur beach is 5 km away from the Neil center, so you should rent a scooter to visit Sitapur beach. You can also visit them by car or auto, but the way to Sitapur beach is very pleasant and beautiful. Sitapur beach is mostly empty after sunrise, so if you visit Sitapur beach after sunrise, you can feel like it’s your private beach, and enjoy yourself with your life partner.

3-Laxamanpur beach 2 Neil Island– Laxmanpur beach is about 2 kilometers from the center. Laxamanpur 2 beach on Neil Island is famous for its natural bridge and live murine.

Natural Bridge has been built by sea currents slowly over thousands of years. That’s why it’s called Natural Bridge. The natural bridge of Neil Island is full of coral and stones, so all tourists mostly visit the natural bridge during low tide. The water level rises very high during high tide and the water level slowly goes down during low tide. That’s why much colorful fish and marine life get caught in the water between the stones. That’s why all the tourists go to the natural bridge during low tide and enjoy watching live marine life.

We went to Laxman Pur beach three times but felt a different experience at Laxman Pur beach all three times. Some days we saw small Laboster and some days we saw colorful fish. One day, luckily, we saw an octopus there. Our guide even started shooting octopuses on his phone. You can feel this experience only on Neil Island. That’s why I have already advised you that to feel and explore Neil Island very well, you should stay more than 3 nights.

Pro tip: You should hire a guide for 500 rupees. The guide will tell you everything about each marine life that you see on Neil Island. Be aware of the sea urchin sting.

Sea Urchin

4–Laxman Pur beach no 1 Neil Island – Laxman Pur beach no 1 is famous for its handicraft items and its beautiful sunset, most of the tourists come here for watching the sunset of Neil Island,

Sunset Neil Island

Beautiful handcrafted items made from Andaman coral can be found here. You can buy this beautiful stuff here at very affordable rates. There are many small candlelight food stalls on Laxmanpur beach where you can sit and enjoy the sunset while eating your favorite fast food. The sunset at Laxman Pur beach is amazing. Sometimes Due to the cloudy atmosphere, many tourists miss seeing this beautiful sunset on Neil Island, which is very unfortunate. That’s why I have already advised you to feel and explore Neil Island very well. You should make a trip of more than 3 nights. Many people stay less on Neil Island because hotels are very expensive here, but don’t worry. You can contact us anytime to book a cheap and best hotel on Neil Island.

We also carry Christmas lights with us to do some creativity on Neil Island. Every tourist will start noticing us. If you want to do that, please contact us for some suggestions. 

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“We were enjoying fast food at a candlelight table at Laxamanpur beach on Neil Island when two couples from Gorakhpur came and sat next to us. Both of them told us they were coming to see the sunset at Laxamanpur beach for 2 days, but due to bad weather, they could not see the sunset. Those people also told us that those people had booked a package from a tourist agency. They started getting calls as soon as the sunset time was over. After all, they had taken the tour packages, so they must follow their agent’s mind and could not spend much time there.

These are the must-see attractions on Neil Island. I hope this blog will help you in making your itinerary. If you have any questions regarding Neil Island, then you can call us 24/7 for free trip itinerary support.

Tour packages for Andaman trips are always expansive Use your mind and save money. Feel free to contact us if you have queries about Andaman tourism. We are happy to help you 24/7.

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