Must do water activities in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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There are many water activities in Andaman, but there is a lot of confusion about which water activities in Andaman are a must-do and which ones we can avoid, so the following questions related to water activities may come to your mind.

What are some of the best water activities on Andaman Island? 
If you are travelling in the Andaman Islands, then you must do scuba diving, snorkeling, jetski, kayaking, banana boat rides, and other small rides according to your taste.

Which island is best for water activities in the Andaman? 
In Andaman, there are water activities on all three islands (Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island). You can do any activity on an island, but for the best experience, on which island you should do which water activities, we will tell you in this blog.

Que-We should know how to swim to do water activities. 
No, you will not need to swim to do any water activities.

Is there any danger in doing water activities? 
No, you do not have to be afraid to do any water activities because you do not have to do any water activities alone. There will always be a guide with you.

Can I face any breathing problems while scuba diving? 
No, you will not have any problems. You will be given 15 minutes of training before scuba diving. After that, when you feel comfortable, they will take you further into deep water.

Can I record myself while participating in water activities in the Andaman?  
Ans: You do not need to make a recording. The recording of all the water activities will be provided to you by the company.

I’m afraid of water. Can I go scuba diving? 
Yes, you don’t have to be afraid. While scuba diving, all you have to do is breathe and watch the beautiful marine life. The rest of the work will be done by your guide.

Can I go scuba diving alone? 
Yes, you can go scuba diving alone, but you must have a certificate in scuba diving. If you do not have any certificates, then you can do a scuba diving course in the Andaman Islands.

Today I will tell you about all Andaman water activities, as well as what activities you should do and which activities you should not do. Which activity would be more fun to do on which island?

There are mainly 10 water activities in Andaman and Nicobar islands.
1- Andaman scuba diving
3-Sea ​​walking
4-Glass bottom ride
6-Banana Boat Ride
7-Sleeping disco
8-Jet ski
10- Kayaking

Andaman scuba diving

One option is a boat ride, which costs 5500 rupees and takes us about 1 kilometer out on the water.

And the second one is a sore dive, Scooba. Then you go scuba diving near the sore beach. The cost of sore diving is around  3500.

Both will take you to 12 meters deep, so you should do a sore dive because there is no significant difference between sore diving and boat diving except for money. And they will take you a little bit far from the boat.

You should drive a special dive. You will save 2000 per head. In my opinion, Neil Island is best for Scooba diving because the water clarity of Neil Island is very clear compared to Havelock Island. You can also watch sea cows on Neil Island if you are lucky.

2–Parasailing in Andaman.

Sea walking is also a total non-swimming activity like scuba. In sea walking, they put a 35 or 40 kg oxygen helmet on your head and drop you down into the sea, in which you can walk and see the colourful fish in the sea. The cost of a day’s sea walking is around INR 3500. According to me, you should go sea walking on Havelock Island. But since both Scooba diving and sea walking have the same experience, you should choose one of these. 
According to me, you should choose scuba diving because you will feel like a bird.

3-Sea walking Andaman

Sea walking, like scuba, is a completely non-swimming activity. They put a 35 or 40 kg oxygen helmet on your head and drop you down into the sea, where you can walk around and see the colourful fish. The cost of seawalking is around ₹ 3500. According to me, you should go sea walking on Havelock Island. But since both Scooba diving and sea walking have the same experience, you should choose one of these. 
According to me, you should choose scuba diving because you will feel like a bird.

4-Glass bottom ride in Andaman.

On the glass-bottom ride, you do not need to wet your feet. You will sit on a boat, and there will be fully transparent glass under the boat. You will go 500 m from the shore by boat, and they will slowly rotate the boat for 15 to 20 minutes. And from the transparent glass below, you can see the marine life. This is for those who are very afraid of water or for old people who do not want to get into the water. In my opinion, if you are not afraid of water, then you should not do the glass bottom. It charges you around 1000 per head on an island in the Andamans.

Essential things for the Andaman trip/ Must-Haves in Packing List for your Andaman Holidays

5-Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkeling is also a non-swimming activity, but if you can swim, you will enjoy it more. As you can see in the video below, when snorkelling you will wear a life jacket and a full mask. You will go 200-300 metres from the shore in the water with a guide. From the surface of the water, you can see the marine life in the water. It is exactly like the glass bottom But in this activity, your whole body will be in the water.

The cost of snorkeling in Andaman is Rs 1000 everywhere. According to me, you should do snorkeling on Neil Island. Because the water on Neil Island is very clean.

Note- Private snorkeling is not allowed for non-swimmers and for those who don’t have a certificate. you should always contact us for the best spot for a private snorkeling trip under the guidance of life savers.

6-Jet ski-in Andaman

If you are going on the Andaman trip, then you must know about Jetski. A jet ski is a water bike. I tried a jet ski ride in Port Blair, Neil Island, and on Havelock Island too. But the best place for driving jetskis will be in Port Blair because in Port Blair you can drive a jet ski from the marina jetty to Rose Island for only 600. They also offer you to ride from one side at Port Blair.

7- Banana Boat Ride

Elephant beach is best for banana boat rides and other activities like this.
cost- 600 rs

8-Disco dance at Elephant beach
cost- 600 rs

All overwater short-term activities are best to do on Havelock island

10- Kayaking-

Havelock Island is famous for kayaking. If you are going to Havelock Island, then you must go kayaking. There is a small boat for kayaking in which only two people have a place to sit. Kayaking should be done on time in the evening when you row your boat far from shore to sea and watch the beautiful sunset.

Kayaking will cost you 3500 INR at Havelock Island. For any water activities in the Andaman, you can contact us. We suggest you choose the best table for an awesome experience.

Essential things for the Andaman trip/ Must-Haves in Packing List for your Andaman Holidays

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