Essential things for Andaman Island

Are you planning to visit Andaman? And all these questions are coming to your mind too. and thinking about Essential things for Andaman Island

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Essential things for Andaman Island

Then you are on the right page 😊

Today I will tell you all the Essential things for Andaman Island. Which plays an important role in your vacation. These are musts, in my opinion 

Sunscreen: shields your skin from UV rays. The depletion of the ozone layer has increased our risk of sun damage from harmful UV rays Sunscreen blocks these rays, greatly reducing the likelihood of sunburn and tanning. Try one of these for the best result.

2-Shorts: If you’re going to Andaman or another seaside destination, try to pack light clothes. I took only one pair of shorts with me; the rest were jeans; Jeans would cause itching in the legs. Clothes in Andaman cost double or triple what they cost mainland. So, try to do all your shopping before the flight. Here are some options.

3-Beach Sleeper-I saw many boys and girls walking on the beach in Andaman wearing shoes and sandals. which can be harmful to your feet. Due to the shoe getting wet, you can get blisters on your feet. So, you must take a sleeper with you. It’s good for your feet, and you can enjoy your trip very well. This slipper is very comfortable.

4-Beach mate- You must take beach mats with you before going to the Andaman. Because all of the beaches in Andaman are so lovely, you’ll want to sit on them in a variety of ways. The sand on the beach contains small crabs and sepia. That’s why you should not sit on the sand without a beach buddy.

5-Waterproof mobile bags and waterproof money bags: It can rain at any time on the island. And you will want to take a selfie by going to the beach. Your valuables may become wet or fall into the water at any time, so you should purchase a bag before visiting Andaman. 

6-swimming costume: If you are going to the beach, then you must have at least one swimming costume handy. Having a swimming costume makes it fun to take a bath and swim. You look different from others too. Some of the best and cheapest costume links are provided below. 

7: Swimming goggles: The water of the ocean is so salty that if water gets into your eyes, then your eyes start itching. And if you can swim, then without swimming goggles you will not be able to see a single fish in the sea. By having swimming goggles, you can take advantage of free snorkelling on North Bay Island.

8: Snorkeling half-mask: These masks should be taken only by those who know swimming very well and want to enjoy marine life alone in the water. Masks are provided for the rest of the people based on the water activities.

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9: T-shirt clothes will dry very slowly because of the humidity, so you must take a 5 or 6 t-shirt with you. Even after wearing a shirt, it starts getting hot.

11: Bluetooth speaker: A Bluetooth speaker will turn your journey into a moon and a star. You can listen to the song while driving the scooter. You can dance while watching the sunset and make your room a private bar at night. Yes, but choose a speaker that is IPX7 waterproof. my speaker

Some essential medications: You should always have some basic medications on hand, such as fever reducers, headache pain relievers, and so on.

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12-Print all of your documents; each time you book a ferry ticket, print all of your ID proofs in 5 copies. (They charge you 5–10 rupees for one printout.)

13: Dry fruit is good for health. You should take dry food with you on your trip to Andaman. In Andaman, you will roam from morning until evening, so you may get tired. Eating dry food will keep your body fresh and energetic.

UV-protected sunglasses: Before visiting any beach destination, such as Andaman, you should wear UV-protected sunglasses. The sun’s rays will directly hit your eyes, causing damage as well as potentially severe pain in your head. 

15) Camera and tripod: You must have a camera and tripod before visiting Andaman. You can not stay here. After a few days, you have to come back. But if you have a good camera, then you can feel it yourself. Sometimes it happens that there is no one around. That time machine can be a good friend.

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16-Selfie stick – You need a good selfie stick to capture your memory

17-Power Bank – Before going on the Andaman trip, you must have a good power bank. Sometimes we start doing too much photography on the phone, due to which our mobile goes down. That’s why, before going to the Andaman, you must take a good power bank with you so that you can capture every moment of your vacation well.

18-Drone: If you are a lover of aerial photography and your pocket allows you to afford a drone, then you must travel with your drone. Drones are making your trip more enjoyable. You can shoot yourself from the sky. You can shoot while driving, jet ski while riding, do water sports, and lots more. According to me, the DJI Mavic Mini is the best travel drone on the market.

Note- You will require special permission for flying drones in Andaman

19-Tiny led light-These Christmas lights are also one of the essential things for Andaman Island and will make your sunset time very special. As we watched this, every tourist was watching us. Even some tourists asked us, “Can we click a photo?”

20- A good mobile phone with a good camera quality- By the way, on the Andaman trip, you should take a good DSLR camera kept for photography, but if you do not have a good camera, your mobile can also be a good option.

Essential things for Andaman Island. I hope this will help you a lot. If you have any questions about your Andaman trip, feel free to get in touch with us.

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