Pokhara is a metropolitan city in the Western region of Nepal- It is a valley cradled amongst mountains and hills with meandering rivers and a beautiful big Fewa lake. It is a major tourist destination due to its panoramic views, outstanding nightlife, live band bars, beautiful caves, relaxing massage parlors, and lots more. Once you enter the vicinity of this Pokhara city, you are greeted with magnificent views of the city covered with beautiful mountains.


The following questions may come to your mind before going to Pokhara.

Que– What id should we have to go to Pokhara?

Ans– You should have an Indian identity card. aadhar4 card and driving license is the best option. Foreigners need a valid passport and visa for entering Nepal.

Que– If we are going to Pokharabagar by car, what id should we have?

Ans– You need to carry the RC of your car and the driving license of a driver who drives the car.

Que– How can we go to Pokhara?

Ans– You can visit Pokhara Nepal by bike, by taxi, by bus, by car, and by flight.

Que– Does Indian SIM SIM Card Work in Nepal?

Ans– No Indian sim cards are not working in Nepal but you can buy a Nepali sim card easily on any mobile shop for 100 to 150 Nepali rupees.

Train– A train facility is not available for Pokhara Nepal, you can go to Pokhara by any type of transportation.

Flight-There is no direct flight to Pokhara from any city in India. Work on the International Airport in Pokhara is going on, maybe in the future airlines will start direct flights from any city in India to Pokhara.

Kuhun Dhada Pokhara Nepal

Bus-You can also go to Pokhara via bus, to go by bus you have to come to the India Nepal border and enter Nepal. You find easily a bus for Pokhara from any bus park. Bus fare is not expensive it is around ₹ 500 for an AC bus comfortably, you should note that some scams happen in the bus park too. like you will reach the bus park and the agents see that there are many people with you then those people will say today there are no any bus for Pokhara. So you should book a car otherwise you will be stuck on the border, but this is a scam you can contact us anytime if you need a friend who guides you without charging you a single penny,
Indian sim cards did not work in Nepal but don\’t worry you will find easily a Nepali sim card. 100 rupees recharge is enough for 7 days trip to Nepal. If something like this happens to you too, then you should go to a nearby bus park, from there you will get a bus from Pokhara easily.


Car/bike-You can also go to Pokhara by your car or by personal bike, you will come to the India Nepal border by your bike or car, then after entering Nepal you will get the Bhadsar office, Bhadsar is a type of pass for entering Nepal with Indian vehicle. you will be asked how many days you have come to Nepal and they charge you some per day fixed money according to the number of days you stay in Nepal. To get the Bhadsar, you must have the RC of the vehicle and the driving license of the driver. The fee for Bhadsar is different for a four-wheeler and a two-wheeler. One day bhadsar charge for a four-wheeler is ₹ 210 and 160 for a two-wheeler,

Do\’s and Dont\’s -After Bhadsar you will not have any problem in Nepal police will check your bhadsar only and let you go ahead, There is a lot of fun in going to Nepal by bike or car, but at the same time, there are a lot of risks. 75 percent area of ​​Nepal is surrounded by beautiful mountains, so you should know to drive in the mountains. driving in the mountains is different compared to driving on the road. you have to follow special traffic rules in the mountains, in Nepal, if you are caught breaking the traffic rules then the police will take necessary action against you. Don\’t think that the police will leave you just because you are a tourist.


That\’s why you must follow the traffic rules while driving in Nepal, you should not drive after drinking any kind of alcohol, since Nepal is full of mountainous roads, so driving under the influence of alcohol is not free from danger.
If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, then the police will confiscate your vehicle and the next morning you will be given a special class and will also fine a proper challan, only after that your vehicle will be released. Doing this can spoil your entire trip, so never drive under the influence of alcohol.

Avoid Alcohol while driving

Respect Nepali people And their Culture-Nepalese people often complain to Indian tourists that Indian people come to Nepal only for debauchery that\’s why Nepali people do not like Indian people very much. Nepal is a very beautiful country, we should go there to see the beauty and respect the feelings of the people there. Never Break rules in Nepal otherwise you will face some serious problems there.
Roads for Pokhara Nepal-Most Indian tourists who go to Pokhara in their car, prefer to enter from the Sunauli border. After taking Bhadsar at the Sunauli border, you will have two ways to go to Pokhara, one way will go through Tansen from where Pokhara will be about 170 km away. The other way will go through Mughlin which will be about 250 kilometers away,


Way via Tansen is a shortcut, but this entire route will be full of mountains, very difficult to drive. if you are comfortable driving in the mountains, then you should go via Tansen. There is also an advantage of going by your car that you can stop where you want and feel the beautiful mountain scenery. You can see a very beautiful waterfall on the left side 8 km from Butwal, you can go there after tracking and enjoy this beautiful waterfall. And 2 km ahead of this you will see another waterfall named Bhoot Khola Waterfall.

Complete Pokhara in one video.

Distance- The distance from Butwal to Pokhara is about 157 km, which will take you 5-6 hours to cover. After entering Pokhara, you will have to move very smartly, otherwise, you can give 1000 rupees instead of 100 rupees, there you will get thousands of agents to approach but you should ignore everyone.
And if you have Thousands of questions in your mind like – which hotels you have stayed in Pokhara, where is the hotel in Pokhara, what to do in Pokhara, how to plan for the next day, what activities happen in Pokhara, there Which are the tourist attractions where you should go?

Then feel free to contact us, we will guide you until you complete your trip without charging you a single penny.

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