Sumit Jaiswal
Sumit Jaiswal
I book luxury package for Andaman island for my relative in very affordable price The team are very polite and cooperative.they are always there for any kind of help they are in touch until reach home. Fantastic service provided by soft yatra team.well done.
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Nikhil Goyal
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sumit chakraborty
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shiv shankar kumar
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Goutham M
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ajay kumar tiwari
It was great experience of Andman with the guidance of Soft Yatra Team. It was truly hassle free Journey due to well professionally planned. Guidance and support from their team gives you friendly feeling all the time due to their care and 24/7 availability.
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Er Sanjeet Singhs
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Sachchidanand Chauhan
Soft yatra is a very good guider
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sai charan
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Sure Meghana
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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you find your answer. If you have any other confusion, then you can contact us 24/7. We try our best to solve your confusion. You can also contact us for the best itinerary for Andaman and Nicobar according to your budget and duration of stay

Que-from where will the ferry booking be made for North Bay and Ross Island, and how will we reach there?

Ans-Ferry bookings to End Ross Island depart from Marina Jetty. You can get there by any mode of transportation; for INR100, you can get an auto that will drop you off at Marina Jetty.

Que: How to reach Carbyne’s Cove Beach

Ans: You will be picked up by an automobile and driven to Carbynes Cove Beach, or you will ride your rented scooter there.

Que: How to visit Havelock Island?

Ans- Your trip to Havelock Island will begin in Port Blair. You will reach Havelock Island according to your ferry schedule from Port Blair. Both government ferries and private ferries run to Havelock Island. The fare for the government ferry is around Rs 600, and the fare for the private ferry is around Rs 1600 (varies from session to session). You can book a private ferry online, but to book a government ferry, you will have to visit the DSS office and stand in a queue. According to me, you should book the Government Ferry for Havelock Island, and if you don’t have time to book ferry tickets, then you can always contact us for any help.

Que: How to reach Wandoor Beach and Chidia Tapu? How far is Wandoor Beach from Port Blair Airport?

Ans-Wandoor Beach You can go by any means of transportation, but you should go to Wandoor Beach by scooty. Your money will also cost less, and you will enjoy it more. Wandoor Beach is 30 kilometres from Port Blair Airport.

Q. Do any dangerous sea animals live on Havelock Island?

There are no dangerous animals on Havelock Island, but you must use a torch at night when walking on the private beach.

Que: How do I reach cellular jail? How do I book the ticket for the light and sound show? Ticket price for a light and sound show?

Ans: The cellular jail is near Marina Jetty. You can also go to cellular jail by walking with your life partner from Rajiv Gandhi International Water Park. The cellular jail light and sound show’s ticket is booked online. You can book from your mobile. If you have a problem booking a ticket, then you should

Q. Which water activities should we do on Havelock Island?

Ans: You should do snorkeling, sea walking, and parasailing on Havelock Island. You should do scuba diving on Neil Island, because the water on that island is very clear and recording is done by GoPro.

Que: When is the ferry running to North Bay and Ross Island, and how much is its fare?

Ans-Ferry to North Bay and Ross Island starts at 9:00 a.m. and fares are around 750 INR.

Que: What are the best things to do on Havelock Island?

Ans: These are the best things you should do on Havelock Island. Candlelight dinner, kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, sea walking, scuba diving, swimming, tracking, fishing, private beach walking, and lots more

Can we roam at night on Havelock Island?

Yes, of course you can roam at night.

Que: How long should I stay at Neil Island?

Ans: You should stay at least two nights on Neil Island

Que: What is the famous tourist attraction on Neil Island?

Ans- You will get the answer to this in the blog below.

Places to visit Neil island For First Timer.
Why is Havelock so popular?

Ans-Havelock Island is popular for Radha Nagar Beach, private beach resorts, elephant beach tracking, water activities, and scuba diving, but you should do Scooba on Neil Island in terms of water clarity and video camera quality.

Que—Are there photographers on Elephant Beach?

Ans: Yes, there are photographers on Elephant Beach who will click your better photo with a DSLR for 200 rupees.

Que: Which is the best beach on Havelock Island?

Ans-Radhanagar Beach is the most beautiful beach on Havelock Island. Radha Nagar Beach is famous for its white sand, blue water, and sunset over Havelock Island; this beach was also awarded the Blue Flag Beach of Asia by Time magazine.

Que: What is the famous tourist attraction on Neil Island?

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Q. What are the famous tourist spots on Havelock Island?

Mainly, there are four places on Havelock Island that you should visit on your Andaman trip.

Places to visit in havelock island on Andaman For First Timer And FaQ
Que: How much money should we take with us to Elephant Beach?

Ans- It depends on how many water activities you do there.

Que—How will we go to Radhanagar Beach?

Ans: You will take an auto or taxi to Radhanagar Beach; you should take a scooter to Radhanagar Beach.

Que: Where can I go scuba diving in Havelock Island?

Ans: You can go scuba diving on Nimo Beach on Havelock Island. There are two types of scuba diving on Havelock Island. 1. Boat diving 2. Sore diving. Boat diving will cost you around 5500 INR, and sore diving will cost you around 3500 INR. According to me, you should avoid scuba diving on Havelock Island if you add Neil Island to your itinerary because Neil Island’s water clarity is very clear compared to Havelock Island.

Que-locker is available at Elephant Beach.

Ans-  yes locker is available on the beach where you can keep all your belongings.

Que: When should we visit Radhanagar Beach?

Ans: Most people go to Radhanagar Beach at the time of sunset, but you should go in the afternoon and stay till sunset.



Which island in the Andaman is best for water activities?

Ans. In Andaman, there are water activities on all three islands (Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island). You can do any activity on an island, but for the best experience, we will tell you which island you should do which water activities on in this blog.

Que: I’m afraid of water. Can I go scuba diving?

Ans: Yes, you don’t have to be afraid. While scuba diving, all you have to do is breathe and watch the beautiful marine life. The rest of the work will be done by your guide.

Que-from where will the ferry booking be made for North Bay and Ross Island, and how will we reach there?

Ans- Ferry bookings depart from Marina Jetty, which is accessible by any mode of transportation; for Rs 100, you can hire an auto to drop you off at Marina Jetty. Timing are 9Am to 12Pm

Que—Can we swim on Radhanagar Beach?

Ans: You can swim on Radhanagar Beach, and there is also a changing room available.

Que: Are there any dangerous sea animals living on Neil Island?

Ans: While visiting the Natural Bridge, you should avoid sea urchins. The sting of sea urchins is very painful.

Que: Is there any danger in doing water activities?

Ans: No, you do not have to be afraid to do any water activities because you do not have to do any water activities alone; there will always be a guide with you.

Que—Can I go scuba diving alone?

Ans: Yes, you can do scuba diving alone, but you must have a certificate in scuba diving. If you do not have any certificates, then you can do a scuba diving course on the Andaman Islands.

Que: Can I face any breathing problems while scuba diving?

Ans: No, you will not have any problem. You will be given 15 minutes of training before scuba diving. After that, when you feel comfortable, they will take you further into deep water

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